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Created to bring people together, make memories, and spend time in the outdoors. Our teas are hand-crafted in small batches.


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Hello, we’re Sarah and Chris – adventure seekers turned into tea lovers, and the owners of Number E Tea.

After a stressful week, our favorite way to unplug and recharge is to spend some time in the outdoors before checking out a new cafe our microbrewery. We just love the special vibe these places offer, where you can enjoy life in good company and discover different cultures and communities. And we dreamed of opening our own. Unfortunately our jobs didn’t leave us much flexibility, Sarah is a Registered Nurse working as a Surgical Assistant in the operating room and Chris is a Search and Rescue Technician with the military.

But we didn’t give up.

Sarah trained as a Barista then went on to earn her certification as a Tea Sommelier. Until then, we’d never imagined that tea was as intriguing and complex as fine wine, beer or even chocolate. Suddenly we had a whole new world to explore – one that combined our thirst for adventure with our growing fascination with tea. In late September 2015, instead of opening a shop, we started a tea bar at the Wellington Farmer’s Market. The response was so incredible we knew we had to sign up for the next season. Realizing there wouldn’t be much demand for hot tea on sweltering summer days, we spent the winter experimenting with iced tea recipes. Delicious - but we felt something was still missing. Our aim was to create something truly unique. Inspired by our travels, we decided to combine our passions for tea and hand-crafted drinks to create an exciting new style of non-alcoholic beverage.

After a lot of trial and error, we finally came up with the result we were looking for: Number E Sparkling Iced Tea. Sparkling iced teas that combine our signature blends of pure loose-leaf teas with all-natural ingredients for complexity, depth and clean, bright flavor.

The following summer we began serving our sparkling teas on tap at the Farmers’ Market. People loved them so much we could barely keep up. In fact, so many people asked where they could buy it outside of the market, we decided to investigate.

Trust us when we say that launching a beverage for a wider distribution is not easy. But, after two years of hard labor, we’re thrilled to announce that our sparkling teas are now available in cans. Our first flavour, ARROYO, is a crisp, refreshing blend of organic hibiscus tea, cranberry and apple. We’re also working on two new flavours which should be available soon.

It’s been a long road and we’re proud to say that we do everything ourselves in small batches at our microsteepery located in beautiful Brighton, Ontario. And we LOVE IT!

We’re always on the hunt for inspiration - learning more about ancient tea traditions, experimenting with new flavours and trends or finding new sources of pure, organic teas to share with you.

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Follow us on Social Media for photos and stories about our tea adventures or on our blog where you can learn more about the fascinating journey tea makes from the field to your cup.

Our Name

The number E is a real number - named after Leonhard Euler, a Swiss mathematician. It’s used to create logarithms and calculate things like compound interest, because its value stays consistent no matter how big or complicated things get.

We chose Number E for our name because we love the idea that something small with a consistent quality (like our small batch sparkling teas) can make great things possible. And Number E rhymes with tea – so it’s easy to remember too.

We can't wait to see you!



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